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Still in the nosedive. The discounts on Prices of fuels. After the international prices for petroleum products fell sharply yesterday, there are further movements in the recommended prices in the national network today. Eni and Q8 in particular intervened and reduced petrol and diesel by 1 cent each.

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Pending the full implementation of the latest interventions, the prices charged at the pump are falling. In detail, the processing of Quotidiano Energia is based on the data provided by the operatorsPrice watcher by Mise Updated at 8:00 yesterday, August 4, the national average price of gasoline in self-service mode is 1.861 euros / liter, with the different brands ranging from 1.838 to 1.867 euros / liter (without logo 1.859). The average price for self-diesel is 1,841 euros/liter, for companies between 1,818 and 1,851 euros/liter (without logo 1,839).

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As for that served, for petrol the average price is 2,010 euros / liter, for colored systems the prices range from 1,934 to 2,070 euros / liter (without logo 1,914). The average diesel served is 1,991 euros/litre, with average prices at company sales outlets between 1,915 and 2,060 euros/litre (1,895 without the logo). The charged prices Gpl they were between 0.822 and 0.839 euros/litre (0.808 without the logo). Finally, the average price of automethane ranges from 2.191 to 2.643 (no logo 2.327).

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