What Are the Risks of Overeating?

French Fries (Pixabay)

Le crisps They are among the most popular foods for both adults and children. Tasty and crunchy, one thing leads to another and when you have a plate in front of you it’s really hard to stop. But have you ever wondered if you’re risking anything? too many food?

That the fried and high-fat foods are unhealthy for our well-being, that’s well known, but have you ever stopped risking how much harm it can do to the body eat too many french fries? Some researchers have done so and evaluated the risk associated with continued overconsumption of this food.

French Fries and Health Risks: What Happens When You Overdo It

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French Fries (Pixabay)

Too much is good, even with french fries. This is what a study about thatAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition highlighting the health risks of excessive consumption of French fries. Eating too many, and too many means more than twice a weekcan lead to the risk that a increased mortality.

Mainly on the accused frozen french fries, keep the already cooked ones in the freezer and cook quickly in the oven or in a pan. After research byAmerican Chemical Society their excessive consumption would increase it cancer risk and it would also create addiction. This is due to their double cooking process that leads to the formation of acrimalidea carcinogen that forms after cooking at high temperatures.

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That doesn’t excuse the fries self-made. The consumption of fried foods in general, in fact, the risk develop cardiovascular disease. Several studies have directly linked these foods to the onset of heart attack, stroke, coronary artery disease, and heart failure. how to behave to avoid these risks? The ideal solution would be to not eat french fries at all and to avoid fried foods in general.

A good compromise is that of Reduce portions and frequency with which these foods are eaten. In general, follow a healthy lifestyle and a balanced nutrition It’s the first step in taking care of your health.

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