Unlimited power without spending a cent: Goodbye stubborn bills

Infinite free electricity: from the powerful Eni project to the various homemade solutions. Savings are guaranteed!

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With rising electricity and gas bills, more and more families are resorting to methods and tricks that allow them to save money. how to have infinite energy without spending a dime? It’s time to say goodbye to the stinging bills.

Endless electricity: Eni’s new project

There are several factors that have a decisive influence on thisincrease in electricity prices. From the increase in gas prices in world markets to geopolitical tensions, from the weather factor to the post-Covid recovery in energy demand, these are the factors that are driving the rise in energy cost trends.

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Eni, The multinational giant operating in the energy sector has announced an extraordinary plan aimed at eliminating dependence on Russian gas. The aim is to diversify the market so that in two years it will no longer be related to Russian gas.

Eni’s purpose is to casting with magnetic conditioning, able to generate infinite energy. By 2030, Eni will be responsible for building a zero-waste fusion reactor. The aim is to make Italy completely independent from Russia and become a superpower in the energy sector.

Infinite power without spending a cent: the electromagnetic engine

Energy prices keep rising, but experts have found a solution that can generate infinite amounts of energy without spending a penny.

The solution that could make it possible to get infinite power is to use a magnetic thruster, that could only function thanks to permanent magnets that can rotate thanks to magnetic attraction.

The propeller would consist only of permanent magnets keyed in the rotor and outer part.

Free electricity: How to build a DIY battery

To create DIY energy, you need a potato or juicy fruit that allows the passage of electric current. It is necessary to extract copper and zinc and put them in the tuber or in the juicy fruit.

The potato or lemon allows the flow of electrons to pass between the anode and cathode. thanks for that Batteries homemade It is possible to power a lamp and save money.

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