Traveling on the Autobahn will never be the same again

A lot is going to change in Italy. Italian cars are becoming smarter than ever thanks to this forward-thinking project.

The changes, especially in recent years, are the most important thing to expect from the automobile and everything that surrounds it. Also applies to the Progetto Mercury, which has the clear goal of making highways smart and increasing the security services for so-called smart cars. A new way of thinking about mobility that projects highways into the future. Let’s find out who the author is.

Autostrade, the turning point for our moving cars (web source)

Autostrade per l’Italia, the company that gave birth to Mercury

Autostrade per l’Italia and the Mercury project. But before we get into that, let’s talk about the Italian company that was created as public property, privatized in 1999 and revived in 2003. It manages the highway sections and their maintenance. In 2021, the company went public again after being controlled by the for a long time Benetton.

Going back to its past, it was founded in 1950 by IRI with the aim of taking part, along with other industrial groups, in Italy’s post-WWII reconstruction. We can say that the progress made today has been gigantic, as evidenced by the latest autobahn gimmick for Italy.

Autostrade per l’Italia, Mercury project: what it is

Connection between vehicles and infrastructure. The Mercury project appears to be based on this, with the first smart roads fully operational after a period of experimentation. Movyon – an Aspi Group company – has created the communication system between vehicle and infrastructure that will make this possible Providing information to users in real time: Accidents, traffic jams, vehicles stopped or going in the wrong direction, the presence of people or obstacles on the road, roadworks, weather and much more.

Autostrade, the turning point for our moving cars (web source) August 1, 2022
Autostrade, the turning point for our moving cars (web source)

Something in which the cars play a very important role. Based on future developments in on-board car technology, cars could receive information to independently decide what to do in each situation while driving and make suggestions to the driver about available services along the way.

Because of this, The amount of information we get depends on the technology we find in our cockpit. In this sense, the bar will initially be raised by the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group. The more cars use this innovation, the better it gets. The project has already been presented to the Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility.

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