The Maneskin get 28,000 fans excited, starting with a bang: “Shut up and good” opens the concert

In Lignano, the Roman music band waits for the sunset to take the stage

LIGNANO. 9.30pm, to the sounds of “Zitti e Buoni”, the song that introduced them to the world, the Maneskin took the stage. A start in total white for Damiano, with a white dress and a pearl necklace on the bare chest and Thomas wearing only the cuff of the black jacket, while for Victoria a black corset dominates the white pants and also Ethan, a white shirt over one black and white checked trousers, the audience begins to sing along in ecstasy long rock night that will be remembered in Lignano for a long time.

Lignano delirious, The Maneskin open the concert with “Zitti e buona”

An impressive start at sunset, half an hour later than the original program just to wait for the perfect postcard and make the most of the show, offered by a lighting system worthy of the great rock bands of the world.

Finally, Maneskin’s in Lignano is an international event, located halfway between a zero date and a stage of a live tour that travels around the world. The sell-out registered at Teghil Stadium has turned into a colorful party, which for many started in the early afternoon, but was lived with great trepidation.

Simone DiLuca

Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas’ fans are very young, in many cases not yet teenagers but accompanied by parents in their thirties. A crowd formed, filling the stadium.

Few, also because of the sweltering heat that dominated the day, dared to look particularly eccentric, trying to somehow imitate their idols, many more those who opted for jeans and t-shirts, a classic for concerts. Just after 8pm, a cool breeze began to bring some rest to those present.

Simone DiLuca

And everyone was already up by around twenty minutes past 9pm when the technicians began to take possession of the stage. As the minutes went by, the adrenaline and the volume of the voice rose. It is the Maneskin people, the Maneskin phenomenon.

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