“Men who engage in promiscuous sexual behavior with other men are more at risk”

Two days ago, Monday 8 August, the vaccination campaign against Smallpox of monkeys. Although the Department of Health does not mandate or suggest vaccination, there are categories that are more at risk than others. professor Pierluigi VialeDirector of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Polyclinic Sant’Orsola and Professor at the University of Bologna, explains … Read more

Covid: Vaccination protection decreases in young people after 27 days – health

In adolescents immunized with two doses, the vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing symptomatic Covid-19 begins to decline after just 27 days, while protection against severe forms of the disease remains high for over 3 months. This is the data emerging from a study conducted in Brazil and Scotland and published in the Lancet Infectious Disease. The … Read more

Smallpox monkeys: Lombardy expects vaccinations tomorrow – medicine

(ANSA) — MILAN, AUGUST 9 — Lombardy expects to administer the monkeypox vaccine tomorrow instead of Thursday. From 12 p.m. it is possible to book vaccinations on the regional portal (https://prenotasalute.regione.lombardia.it). A previous smallpox vaccination is a prerequisite for exclusion. Only vaccinees under the age of 45 should be allowed. The doses will be administered … Read more

who can request the dose and how to do it

Vaccination against monkeypox in the Lazio region will start tomorrow from Monday August 8th. Vaccinations are carried out at the Spallanzani Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome and are reserved for the categories indicated by the Circular of the Ministry of Health. According to the national plan, 16,000 doses of vaccine are expected to arrive … Read more

Smallpox of the monkeys: Allocation of the first tranches, 600 doses to Emilia-Romagna

Green light for the national plan for the distribution of monkeypox vaccine, with a circular establishing the allocation of the first quotas of Jynneos smallpox vaccine to the regions with the most cases: Lombardy (2000 doses); Lazio (1200); Emilia-Romagna (600); Veneto (400). The circular also states that “by the next tranche (currently scheduled for the … Read more

American symptom studies

omicron e heart, story of a difficult and dangerous relationship. Some studies suggest that the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as Heart attack or a stroke, remains elevated for many months after a SARS-CoV-2 infection has subsided. Researchers are beginning to define the frequency of these problems and the cause of the damage. In December … Read more

Monkeypox, 505 cases in Italy. Spallanzani: “Ready-to-go vaccine”. The circular: “Possible quarantines”

The cases of monkey pox in Italy. The infection continues to develop almost exclusively in men (501), compared with just 4 cases in women, according to the latest Department of Health bulletin updated to date. That’s 26 more than the last poll 4 days ago. MORE INFORMATION Awaiting the completion of the review by the … Read more

is 31 years old. In Italy, confirmed cases rise to 479

Smallpox of monkeys in Spain. After the first victim yesterday in the region Valenciathe second death was confirmed today in Andalusia. This was announced by the Iberian Ministry of Health. Both patients had been hospitalized in the days before their deaths. Valencia health authorities have announced that the first patient has died – which local … Read more