Cryptocurrency scam to North Rome VIPs, Hu coin wizards ‘disappeared with all the money’

There’s a new suspicion of fraud churning the nights and eating the livers of an army of investors who have been entrusting their savings to unauthorized lending channels but instead have engaged in a pyramid of chain investments based on deposits from cryptocurrencies that promise “safe”, if not astonishing, returns. In the circles of Northern … Read more

in which series we saw it

It’s practically impossible not to remember the iconic roles Maria Mara he coated on TV. A very talented, multifaceted actress who has excelled on the international stage with great skill. The news of her death, which took place on June 26, 2022, not only saddens those who followed her, but also for the way the … Read more

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the pain of the past that she never got over

Elizabeth Gregoraci is ready to return to television with live beats, Italia 1’s historical music program, with its beautiful smile and energy that has always characterized it. But the always sunny and radiant presenter hides an ache in her heart that she never got over, the ache of her mother’s disappearance. Elisabetta Gregoraci, the loss … Read more

her sister Francesca gave birth to a child

Francesca Ferragni has become a mother for the first time. Chiara Ferragni’s sister gave birth to Edoardo, her first child. She was to announce herself with a series of photos on her Instagram profile, on which she shows the newborn. Next to her the new father and future husband, Riccardo Nicoletti. Francesca Ferragni Mama, the … Read more

Vanessa Incotrada gorgeous on Instagram with the yellow costume. After the 1,750 euro dress

Vanessa Incontrada Indulging in a bit of beach vacation, she posts on Instagram a selfie in a bathing suit that underscores all her beauty, having already been enchanted at the Gigi D’Alessio concert, where she took the stage in a Dolce & Gabbana dress in black silk with red poppy seeds typical of the brand … Read more

Tania Bambaci, Samuel Peron’s pregnant partner

It’s almost ten years of love that bind Samuel Peron a Tanya Bambaci: In fact, the dancer announced her partner’s pregnancy on Instagram with a very sweet post. Peron’s girlfriend, who is also his “fiancee”, was a Miss Italy finalist and not a new face on television. Bambaci, actress and model, started her career in … Read more