Gas bonus also for those over 75, reduced prices in the aid decree until: What is changing

A gasoline bonus also for those over 75 who are among the vulnerable customers to whom discounted rates apply. The changes are provided for in the aid decree to and will apply from January 1, 2023. A particular Gasoline bonus also for over 75-year-oldswhich will be included in the audience of vulnerable customers. The novelty … Read more

Discount on invoice from October

Bonus bills with ISEE up to 12,000 euros, the implementation measure for recognizing the discount on electricity and gas bills comes from ARERA. From October, the application will be submitted by the managing directors, with the arrears due from April 1st. The message in the August 2 resolution. The implementing regulations of Invoice Bonus 2022. … Read more

from ENEA data amount to almost 40 billion euros

Superbonus 110 percent, the total deductible investments amount to almost 40 billion euros. Data from the latest ENEA report, updated as of July 31, 2022, shows that the value of the completed works is close to 31 billion euros. super bonusalso the Month july it records an acceleration. As the latest published data shows ENEA … Read more