Skip the DJ set at Forte dei Marmi

The conductor Stefano de Martino is positive at Covid-19 and is forced to cancel his participation in one of the social events planned for the VIP summer Forte dei Marmi. This is what the organizers of The Alessandro Nomellini Awards 2022 event announced today, Sunday 7 August, in Twiga. Cast wise, the dancer and showman … Read more

Belen and Stefano play like children on vacation. Here are the pics that are driving fans crazy PHOTOS

Belen Rodriguez e Stefano de Martino, more united and more in love than ever. still together on vacationwith the whole familyAlbarella Island in the Adriatic. They don’t hide anymore and the best moments are shared with the fans. All-time favorites with social audiences who can’t wait to see them together, beautiful and happy. Bormio, a … Read more

Belen, dedicates it to De Martino on Instagram. Think of the third child

Belen Rodriguez e Stefano de Martino They are now a couple in every sense. It’s been a long time since the first rumors ran one after the other and made us dream. But most importantly, ten years have passed since their first love story, from which their son Santiago was born. The second time seems … Read more

Here’s the rapper’s response

Stefano de Martino swung through fedez. At the last appointment of Tim Summer Hits 2022, broadcast from the suggestive village of Portopiccolo (Gulf of Trieste), Tananai, Mara Sattei and rapper Fedez took the stage and sang the summer hit “Dolce Vita”. A performance that generated a superfluous echo in the audience present. At the end … Read more