Meghan Markle breaks silence on abortion And drag Harry with him

Megan Markle could no longer remain silentcancellation. And he decided to include Harry in his public statements as well, embarrassing the British monarchy again. Meghan Markle is literal furious for the US Supreme Court’s decision to revoke abortion rights and so on Fashionwho has often given voice to the Duchess of Sussex, has not only … Read more

Meghan Markle and Harry, surprise visit from Oprah Winfery. The palace trembles

Meghan Markle and Harry were spotted heading to Oprah Winfrey’s $100 million mansion. The surprise visit is already putting the palace on high alert, fearing another bombshell interview against the royal family. Meghan Markle and Harry Oprah Winfrey’s surprise Reporting the indiscretion is the Daily Mail which tells how Meghan Markle and Harry were spotted … Read more

“Kate Middleton lives like a prisoner.” The shocking words

II Prince Harry returns to attack the royal family. The husband of Megan Markle has returned to point the finger at his family from America and warn: “Kate Middleton lives as one prisoner“. Often at the center of royal controversy this time around, the Duke of Sussex appears to have taken up the defense of … Read more

Harry and Meghan offended by Carlos gesture

After returning to London to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th anniversary, Harry and Megan They flew overseas again. And it is said that they were deeply offended by a gesture of Prince Charlesa minor “diplomatic incident” that could create another rift between Sussex and the royal family. Harry and Meghan offended by Carlo A few … Read more

Meghan Markle, the Queen, covers up reports of staff bullying allegations. “It will remain secret”

Buckingham Palace has covered up the findings of an investigation into Meghan Markle’s bullying of her staff. This was revealed by the Sunday Times, claiming that the report will never be released to avoid tension between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family (William and Kate in particular), but also to protect the … Read more