New Royal Enfield Hunter 350: how to do it, strengths and weaknesses

Just get in, even when stationary, to understand that the The new Hunter 350 is a friendly bike. The saddle, which is literally just a few palms off the ground (790mm), helps with maneuvering from a standing start. And don’t be put off by the weight of almost two hundredweight when riding. The center of … Read more

1,833 euros per self-service, 1,977 per service. That’s why it’s going down (and what will happen)

Oil prices fall on downward pressure from recession fears, and petrol and diesel prices on the Italian grid plummet. After the international prices for petroleum products closed again on Friday (especially diesel), on Saturday there were new price cuts by companies at the recommended prices: Eni and Tamoil reduced the two fuels by 2 cents, … Read more

Royal Enfield introduces the new Hunter 350

Royal Enfield unveils the new Hunter 350 2022the third bike to use the motor from the brand’s “J” platform, which also forms the basis of the Meteor 350 and Classic 350. The Hunter is powered by the same engine 349cc single cylinder air and oil cooled electronic injection capable of delivering maximum performance 20.2 CV … Read more