Here are all the symptoms and rules to avoid contagion. “Risk of the neuroinvasive form”

VENEZIA – West Nile Alert in Veneto, the region is spreading the guidelines to avoid contagion. In a press release, the Prevention Directorate of the Veneto Region issued the recommended prophylaxis to all citizens to avoid this Propagation of West Nile Falls, the infection transmitted by the common “Culex” mosquito. Infection that can produce a … Read more

Am Ulss 6 Euganea life-saving defibrillator to wear under clothing

SACKRAIN – Un Defibrillator worn under clothingwhich can be activated in the event of sudden heart problems, significantly reducing hospital stay times without putting the patient at risk of further illness while awaiting definitive defibrillator implantation.The innovative tool, renamed Cardioprotective Jacket, has landed at the Immaculate Conception Hospital in Piove di Sacco of Ulss 6 … Read more

Detected cases rise to 49 (more than that of Covid)

PADUA – In just over 20 days, the Hospital of the University of Padua had to face a wave of hospitalizations Western Nile Virus. The emergency linked to the “Nile Fever” continues to cause concern in the Padova region as far as they are 49 cases noted that positivity was found throughout the territory. Maximum … Read more

The gym, the carpentry job and the long-awaited trip to Pag. That was Andrea dying on the island of fun

SACKRAIN – Andrea Bellingardo he would have celebrated his twentieth birthday on August 20th. A lively, fun-loving young man who believed in friendship. A leader in the group but never over the top. He loved motorcycles, sports, travel and adventure. A person who, despite her young age, has her head on her shoulders, a presence … Read more

Nile fever, four others in hospital and one positive blood donor

PADUA – Five more confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in Padua in the last 24 hours. The record of the epidemic outbreak of the so-called “Nile Fever” continues to rise and now reaches 45 positive cases registered by the Department of Prevention Ulss 6 from the end of June until today. These include 24 … Read more