West Nile, in Italy 94 cases and 7 deaths. “Strong virus spread, especially in the north”, here the regions are most at risk

The West Nile virus spreads in Italy, especially in the northern regions. There are 94 cases, including 55 with neuroinvasive infection and 7 deaths. The virus is transmitted through mosquito bites. The data, updated as of August 2nd, were sent by the ministry in a circular to the regions, health departments and institutional bodies. MORE … Read more

“Photograph them.” The Culex carries the virus and only attacks in two moments

BELLUNO – In this hot summer, when the Covid has not yet disappeared, the fear of contagion is also a concern Western Nilethe virus with an even deadly fever that emanates from some mosquitoes. There are currently no cases in the province, as confirmed by Renzo Scaggiante, Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases of the Hospital … Read more

Here are all the symptoms and rules to avoid contagion. “Risk of the neuroinvasive form”

VENEZIA – West Nile Alert in Veneto, the region is spreading the guidelines to avoid contagion. In a press release, the Prevention Directorate of the Veneto Region issued the recommended prophylaxis to all citizens to avoid this Propagation of West Nile Falls, the infection transmitted by the common “Culex” mosquito. Infection that can produce a … Read more

Nile fever, four others in hospital and one positive blood donor

PADUA – Five more confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in Padua in the last 24 hours. The record of the epidemic outbreak of the so-called “Nile Fever” continues to rise and now reaches 45 positive cases registered by the Department of Prevention Ulss 6 from the end of June until today. These include 24 … Read more