What does it mean that doctors and nurses must always be available?

The fact that the publication in the Official Journal and the ensuing media discussion arrived in the middle of summer is probably little more than coincidence, but the theme is one that has prevailed almost daily for the past two and a half years: the strengthening of territorial and community medicine. The subject is Ministerial … Read more

Artificial intelligence and medicine: the university’s imaging laboratory is going international

The research laboratory ImagingLab of the University of Pisa has joined Z-Inspection international community for reliable artificial intelligence (AI). The aim is to explore the ethical implications of AI in diagnostic imaging, where the use of “intelligent machines” has an immediate impact on the diagnostic process and thus on the patients. “Artificial intelligence applied to … Read more

over 600 applications, 469 of them from outside the EU

Double (or almost double) the aspirants Medical students of the Piacenza campus. The number of Pre-registration for the entrance test for the one-stage course in English, there are almost twice as many as in the last academic year, the first organized by Alberoni College from about Emilia Parmense. From July 4th to 22nd last year … Read more

Apulia, the fee of five thousand for a place in medicine: the test on September 6th

In Apulia there are over five thousand aspiring doctors who want to study for the next academic year at the medical faculty. There are 600 places available at state universities in the region (720 at free universities): After the exam on September 6, 12 percent of the applicants are admitted, but without preferences for other … Read more