Francesco Chiofalo, the secret with Drusilla? “Making Love 20 Minutes a Day”

love and cuddle for Francesco Chiofalo and Drusilla Gucci. It’s now clear that the couple’s crisis after Lenticchio’s starring role in La Pupa and the Nerdy, which gave red-light actress Malena all-too-sharp praise, has bravely weathered. The two have been inseparable since 2021 and spend their summer holidays in Italy, between Puglia and Campania. The … Read more

“The only one who made me feel good in my whole life”

Edoardo Tavasi nostalgic. After the bad end of his adventure atIsland, The former castaway still regrets missing a chance to reach the reality show’s finale due to an injury. However, in Novella 2000, Edoardo also recounts the nostalgia he felt for the affection back home. Especially for his ex, Lucia e Taurus Diana. Although the … Read more

“I won’t love you again until…”

The tension in between Francesco Chiofalo e Drusilla Gucci it’s still sky high. The couple have been together since the summer of 2021 after Drusilla visitedIsland of the Famous, but their crisis is not over yet. After the participation of Chiofalo a The Doll and the Nerdy Showwhen the former Temptation Island star turned his … Read more