“Kate Middleton lives like a prisoner.” The shocking words

II Prince Harry returns to attack the royal family. The husband of Megan Markle has returned to point the finger at his family from America and warn: “Kate Middleton lives as one prisoner“. Often at the center of royal controversy this time around, the Duke of Sussex appears to have taken up the defense of … Read more

a dramatic indiscretion trickles through – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella June 23, 2022 These are the most difficult times for the English crown. On the one hand the 70s reign of Elizabethwhose state of health is not so good, on the other hand the family events: quarrels similar to those of a normal family. The reporter speaks now Rebecca English that tells al … Read more

the (amazing) price of her looks

Kate Middletonwhat elegance. The Duchess of Cambridge confirmed herself as Queen of London at her meeting today with the Departments of Education and Departments of Health and Social Care at the Royal Institution of London style. Also read> Kate Middleton And This Special Grant From Queen Elizabeth: So She Can Break The Rules Kate Middleton … Read more

Kate Middleton and Prince William in their new home: 4 bedrooms and no permanent servants

Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with world news. “They were adamant they didn’t want anything too flashy or anything that needed refurbishing or extra security so as not to burden the taxpayer.” These are the words the English tabloids are referring to from a source within the royal family. A … Read more

Prince William and the tensions with his uncle – Libero Quotidiano

Blue dress and smile. The photos of Kate Middleton and the Prince William with the Order of the Garter they went around the world. The two appeared to be very close. Affectionate looks that did not go unnoticed among the paparazzi present at the ceremony. A way to quell the controversy following an alleged discussion … Read more