Juve-De Ligt, after the game, extra time on standby: He can leave if…

The club’s priority is to extend the contract that expires in 2024, but the contract is suspended: the Dutchman is not non-transferrable, each rating starts with the 120 million clause. In the background Chelsea and City Not only Pogba: at the working lunch with Rafaela Pimenta, Juventus also and above all spoke about Matthijs de … Read more

Juve-Di Maria: no answer, the club leaves the track

The Argentine had received no replies to the club’s proposal in response to his request for an annual contract. But the impasse blocked the Juventus market Juventus have decided to abandon the Di Maria route. It goes on, the viewfinder extends to other lenses. El Fideo has been identified as one of the main reinforcements … Read more