Omicron 5, the coronavirus and the anomaly in hospitals. What are the diseases – period

The cases of Covid in Italian hospitals are increasing day by day. But there is an anomaly on the station that few consider. In fact, most patients come to the hospital for other illnesses and only find out at a later date that they have tested positive for the coronavirus. And there is another system … Read more

how much? What is the difference between rapid and molecular tests?

II covid does not give up this year even in summer, with all due respect to those who thought that the heat might abate infection (and the number of deaths): bothIndex Rt (1.30) both the incidence of cases (763 per 100,000 population) and the hospitals reorganize to reactivate specialist departments reserved for infected people, such … Read more

how the national healthcare system is changing, from visits to exams

how does it work Health care outside of hospitals after the earthquake covid? The Ministry of Health has initiated a reform that will change the methods of accessing the services and treatments proposed by the medic. They range from home care whenever possible, including through the telemedicine hey family carer for the treatment of chronic … Read more

Radiology, over 30 specialist practices and a sampling point

Radiology, over 30 specialist practices and a sampling point. Opening of the new medical center CMC Cantù, “City of Health”. On June 13th the CMC Centro Medico Cantù “City of Health” was inaugurated, the new center for specialized medicine, physiotherapy, diagnostic imaging in Piazza Marconi in Cantù. A multidisciplinary medical center dedicated to the health … Read more