“I have to be admitted as an inpatient,” the patient tells the emergency doctor: It has already happened

She introduced herself emergency department asked to be hospitalized after an argument with her husband, but then, when escorted to the waiting room in a wheelchair, she began to insult the two doctors who were assisting her and tried to hit one doctor. “Can you go to the waiting room?” Nurse attacked and beaten in … Read more

Anne Heche in critical condition after car accident – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) — ROME, AUGUST 6 — American actress Anne Heche, 53, is hospitalized in critical condition after driving her blue Mini Cooper into a home in Los Angeles. This emerges from US media reports such as CNN and the website TMZ. Los Angeles firefighters reported that his car went off the road and crashed into … Read more

West Nile, positive mosquito outbreak in a residential area of ​​Codognè

CODOGNE. Almost one Hundreds of positive mosquitoes Al Western Nile were found in Via Campocervaro in Codognè. The affected area is one residential area, a side street off Via XXX Ottobre, the long straight that leads from the town hall to Cadore-Mare. The news immediately raised concerns among citizens, but Mayor Lisa Tommasella called for … Read more