Covid reinfecting with Omicron 5 increases health risks – Period

Being infected more than once increases the risk to your health. Covid is raging around the world and reinfections with Omicron 5 variants are worrying, according to the results of the latest research conducted worldwide. And while in Italy the number of people in the second or third “round” of Covid is increasing, the consequences … Read more

how the national healthcare system is changing, from visits to exams

how does it work Health care outside of hospitals after the earthquake covid? The Ministry of Health has initiated a reform that will change the methods of accessing the services and treatments proposed by the medic. They range from home care whenever possible, including through the telemedicine hey family carer for the treatment of chronic … Read more

“37.2 million euros for the new Acquapendente hospital”

healthcare – The D’Amato Regional Council’s Announcement – The funds are part of the ten-year plan for investments in health construction Daniela Donetti and Alessio D’Amato Acquapendente – We receive and publish – The new Acquapendente Hospital, which will also be a community hospital, will be built thanks to the investment of 37.2 million euros … Read more

Omicron 5, with which the variant that will soon be dominant in Italy manifests itself

“The two new variants also endanger the summer,” he explained Fabrizio PregliascoVirologist from the State University of Milan and Medical Director of the Galeazzi Hospital in Milan, former Cusano Italy Tv. Obviously it refers to Variants of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5also called simply Omicron 4 and Omicron 5. For this reason, it advises frail and … Read more

Symptoms of Diabetes, the 6 most important signs on your skin that you should not ignore

Diabetes is a disease that can appear at any age and without warning, but let’s see what could be the first 6 basic signs on your skin that shouldn’t be underestimated. It is well known that diabetes is a disease that can occur at any age and without warning because its symptoms are often so … Read more

Myeloma multimo, what is the disease that struck Giovanni Allevi?

Giovanni Allevi explained on social media that he suffers from it myeloma, a particularly insidious disease. It can manifest with many symptoms and signs, so much so that it can sometimes start with bone crushing pain or severe back pain. Therefore, some people experience unexplained fractures, kidney problems, infections. In short, it is difficult to … Read more

Aging: Scientists have finally figured out what happens to our bodies after the age of 70 and why they become so fragile

What happens to our body after the age of 70 and what makes it age? A new study would finally find out why our bodies become more vulnerable and what causes them to age. How to reuse coffee grounds? Being born, growing up, getting old is the path mapped out for everyone, but what happens … Read more