“Prices are rising across Europe”

A complete and immediate gas stop from Russia would plunge eurozone countries into recession, with an impact on GDP growth of 1.7%, according to the ESM, the European Stability Mechanism. Because if the stop were triggered in August, the gas stocks accumulated so far with storage would be used up by the end of the … Read more

1,833 euros per self-service, 1,977 per service. That’s why it’s going down (and what will happen)

Oil prices fall on downward pressure from recession fears, and petrol and diesel prices on the Italian grid plummet. After the international prices for petroleum products closed again on Friday (especially diesel), on Saturday there were new price cuts by companies at the recommended prices: Eni and Tamoil reduced the two fuels by 2 cents, … Read more

For retailers, the costs have more than doubled

TREVISO – Methane will help you. But now it is harder than ever. In just over a month, the price of refueling cars has practically doubled. Today, a kilo of methane also costs money in distributors 4 euros. And it’s no better at home. That gas bills previously paid for by families increased by 70%: … Read more

What happens to the pump – Libero Quotidiano

Still in the nosedive. The discounts on Prices of fuels. After the international prices for petroleum products fell sharply yesterday, there are further movements in the recommended prices in the national network today. Eni and Q8 in particular intervened and reduced petrol and diesel by 1 cent each. Pending the full implementation of the latest … Read more

Sharp drop in the price of oil on the markets. And now the cost of gas is falling – Il Tempo

Oil prices continue to fall as the weakening global demand outlook has overcome signs of ongoing supply shortages. Chinese official data showed that the world’s largest crude oil importer’s manufacturing activity contracted unexpectedly in July, as a flare-up of Covid-19 and a weaker global outlook weighed on demand. In addition, last week’s data showed that … Read more