China, new virus identified, infected 35 people since 2018

At least 35 people have contracted a new virus in China since 2018. The virus, called Langya (LayV), belongs to the henipavirus family, which also includes Hendra and Nipah viruses, both with high lethality. Early data suggests that the new virus is unable to spread effectively in humans and is less aggressive than its close … Read more

Smallpox monkeys: Lombardy expects vaccinations tomorrow – medicine

(ANSA) — MILAN, AUGUST 9 — Lombardy expects to administer the monkeypox vaccine tomorrow instead of Thursday. From 12 p.m. it is possible to book vaccinations on the regional portal ( A previous smallpox vaccination is a prerequisite for exclusion. Only vaccinees under the age of 45 should be allowed. The doses will be administered … Read more