Center of Medicine fires Dr. Gasparoni

As of Tuesday, August 9th, the Center for Medicine will no longer be working with Dr. Peter Gasparoni. With these words, the Medical Center publicly confirmed on Facebook that it had broken off its collaboration with the endocrinologist, who was caught in the storm for publishing an appeal against vaccination on the Montebelluna Clinic header. … Read more

“Fourth dose? Don’t get vaccinated »: Endocrinologist doctor in the storm

“You will not be vaccinated with this vaccine. If three cans are not needed, is the fourth needed? Better a shamanic rite! ». physician Peter Gasparoni73, a respected Zero Branco endocrinologist with a nearly 50-year career and over 200 publications, took a storm for a lengthy appeal written on the Montebelluna Center of Medicine’s header … Read more

West Nile, Smallpox, Usutu. And a boom in diseases related to mosquito bites

Climate change is also beginning to take its toll on the healthcare system. Before the pandemic, high summer fever was certainly the sign of a climate-related cooling, but now the diagnosis is no longer so clear-cut. In addition to covidworrying the World Health Organization is the so-called monkey pox (Monkeypox): an animal-to-human infection caused by … Read more

Matteo Bassetti Minister of Health? What does the infectiologist answer. Then the lunge on the dead of Covid – Il Tempo

Matteo Bassetti returns to speak to Libero in an interview in which he calls for the creation of a commission of inquiry into Covid regarding the number of deaths in 2022. However, it also touches on another issue, that of a possible descent into politics not in the September 25 elections. To calculate the deaths … Read more

“The pandemic is over. Light quarantine? At home only with symptoms, then walk around with a mask”

“Despite the summer infection, the current situation is not comparable to the pandemic we experienced in 2020 and 2021.” To say it is Matteo Bassetti Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa. So are we at the end of a nightmare that lasted two years? According to the expert, … Read more

Detected cases rise to 49 (more than that of Covid)

PADUA – In just over 20 days, the Hospital of the University of Padua had to face a wave of hospitalizations Western Nile Virus. The emergency linked to the “Nile Fever” continues to cause concern in the Padova region as far as they are 49 cases noted that positivity was found throughout the territory. Maximum … Read more

there is a new surprising “nocturnal” symptom

An unusual symptom. Every Covid variant has its “special signs”, we have now learned it. Until Delta, the loss of taste and smell was the alarm bell for the infected, but with Omicron the signs of a severe cold, sore throat and stuffy nose dominated. But in this Sars-CoV-2 “family” that dominates the world stage … Read more