Charlene and Albert of Monaco take the kiss on the lips in Norway

Charlene of Monaco and Albert they publicly exchanged a kiss on the lips, an affection that should silence all rumors of crisis, although there is still someone who is unconvinced and speaks of a strategy studied at the table. The reason for the kiss is the couple’s state trip to Norway, which brought the twins … Read more

Charlene of Monaco returns with Alberto but he is furious

Charlene of Monaco has returned to be seen in public. Recovered from Covid, the princess showed up at Alberto’s side after almost 15 days of absence. But her husband doesn’t seem happy. The photos, in which they were portrayed together on the palace balcony while watching the Corpus Christi procession, show it frowning and dark-facedas … Read more

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, state flight to Norway. And she takes revenge

Charlene of Monaco He goes back to work and has a trip abroad with Alberto on his agenda. The princess now appeared to be out of the game for good after testing positive for Covid on June 4 last year. Missing for weeks, those behind the scenes were already thronging to oust her permanently from … Read more

Albert of Monaco, his secret forbidden castle even in Charlene

While Charlene of Monaco vanished again after being found positive for Covid, French television has revealed the most secretive of Alberto’s abodes. It’s about a magnificent castleor away from anything and everything where even the princess has to ask permission to access it. What happened to Charlene of Monaco? Charlene of Monaco never shows up … Read more