Domino’s Pizza is closing in Italy: too much debt

It was a marriage doomed to fall between Italy and dominoes Pizza. And in the end, the American chain quietly fled the peninsula. From where customers have never particularly appreciated the “Hawaiian” with ham and pineapple, seen more as an outrage against local culture than a crazy alternative to the classic margarita. Italians preferred to … Read more

The free bus sold out: 1,500 people in the first week

Considerable numbers were expected given the “sale” (necessarily also extended to the Regina state road) with which the communities of the lake have been living for weeks, with many positive sides but also some inevitable inconveniences (e.g. residents). And it certainly sounds like an important added value that the free land shuttle that connects Ossuccio … Read more

“The taxi driver? Spat on and kicked at suitcases »And unload the tourists a kilometer earlier

Chronicle / Como belt Thursday, 08/04/2022 The case The incredible story of a B&B owner who was waiting for two Americans: “They didn’t come and when I called to speak to them he answered by calling me a donkey.” Mauro Peverelli Imagine you are vacationing in California, thousands of miles from home. Then imagine asking … Read more

Circular of Hope Against Turmeric Supplements • Imola Oggi

Crackdown on turmeric supplements after new episodes of liver damage. In a circular from the Ministry of Health, General Directorate for Hygiene and Food Safety and Nutrition, a new risk warning is added for these products, for which previously determined physiological effects can no longer be indicated. “Food supplements containing extracts and preparations from Curcuma … Read more

mandatory reforms, independent of the government

The Italian Economy”it bounced off hard”After the collapses caused by curfew e anti-covid measures, Employment and labor force participation have fully recovered and banks’ non-performing loans have continued to decline while their equity positions have strengthened.” However “Now the economy is facing new challenges”, This was noted by the International Monetary Fund in the press … Read more

LIVE De Ketelaere in Milan: medical examinations, eligibility and signature today | The direct

The Belgian landed in Milan around midnight. Now the medical checks in the Madonnina Clinic and then in the head office to sign the five-year contract The endless wait is over. Charles De Ketelaere has finally arrived in Milan and within a day he will bet black (or rossonero…) on white and officially become a … Read more

Draghi’s latest act to privatize ITA. 80% goes to Lufthansa

When dealing with the so-called “current affairs”, the last official act of the government under the presidency Mario Draghi before the resignation and the new elections planned for September 25, that could be Privatization of the ITA, the national airline. The prime minister is expected to give the go-ahead for privatization next week. In fact, … Read more