The stock exchanges today, June 20th. Lagarde on the markets: “Anyone who doubts our determination is greatly mistaken”. The lists closed higher

MILAN – European markets start subdued but finish on a solid rise, putting worries of central bank tightening and slowing economies weighing on investor sentiment into the freezer for now. Milan – impacted by an effect of -0.29% due to the redemption of coupons – the session ended with a gain of 0.99%, driven in … Read more

“You must do the same” when she was massacred – Libero Quotidiano

Christine Lagarde after these statements about the Stop quantitative leasing andrate hike has infuriated European law firms. Who are convinced that the decisions of the President of the Chr do nothing but feed the Europopulists. Apparently even Emmanuel Macron she called very annoyed, reports the site Dagospia. Lagarde reportedly tried to defend herself by pointing … Read more

Spread, ECB sign. Fed raises rates by 0.75% (first time since 1994)

Big decisions yesterday from the central banks from Europe and the United States. there last night federal reserve American accelerated streamlining with the most aggressive maneuver in 30 years by increasing i Interest charges of 0.75 basis points. In the morning, the European Central Bank had ducked for cover and announced an umbrella in a … Read more

Federico Rampini, “poorer pensions”. The financial tsunami is coming in a few hours – Libero Quotidiano

one financial tsunami Incomes that risk overwhelming not only markets but, more importantly, pensions. Federico Rampiniin one of his editorial videos for CorriereTv, speaks of “fears of an impending recession, at least in the US in 1 or 2 years”. Inflation is more resilient than hoped, the correspondent points out, and “there are fears that … Read more

financial tsunami, the whole truth – Libero Quotidiano

The announcement of Chr from rate hike from July (the adjustment is 25 points in July and 50 points in September if inflation remains high) and fine del “quantitative easing” after June he saw how the markets reacted with noticeable price declines on the stock exchanges and an increase in the spread – the yield … Read more

in a few months … “Black Prophecy of Palazzo Chigi – Libero Quotidiano

A roaring torpedo on Christine Lagardestarted from nothing less than Palazzo Chigi. The harsh words of Francesco Giavazi. economic commentator Corriere della Sera, an internationally renowned name. Above all, however, he is an adviser to the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “Lo distribution andincrease in interest rates not immediately, but in a few months private … Read more