Covid, goodbye to tampons? Here’s a patch that detects antibodies to the virus

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date A special patch that is applied to the skin and can provide a result in about three minutes. It could be the new medical device that allows you to check for the presence of a Sars-Cov-2 infection in a safe, reliable and non-invasive way instead of … Read more

Alzheimer’s, an early detection app made with a smartphone camera

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date An app that promises to detect diseases like Alzheimer’s by using a Pixel 4’s camera to examine a patient’s pupil.Developed by researchers at the University of San Diego, California, it reaffirms the potential of smartphone cameras, which have proven effective in diagnosing many diseases. How the … Read more

Covid, universal vaccine for all variants: BioNTech test in autumn

Goal: protect variants permanently deepening Covid in Italy and in the world, today’s news, June 30. DIRECT Her experimental vaccination work involves potentiating T-lymphocytes, particularly to protect against serious disease as the virus becomes more dangerous. In presentation slides published on BioNTech’s website on Investor Day, the German company said its aim was to “offer … Read more

Covid, study: The virus can be transmitted indoors over two meters

Factors that increase the risk of transmission deepening Covid in Italy and in the world, today’s news, June 30. DIRECT The research team also identified the factors that most increased the likelihood of long-distance transmission, including inadequate air exchange, the presence of directional airflow, and activities associated with increased aerosol emission, such as singing or … Read more

Rome, the first non-stop flight from Australia landed at Fiumicino Airport

With a full flight that landed in Fiumicino this morning, the Australian national airline Qantas has indeed opened the season of non-stop flights between Italy and Australia, fueled by the revival of travelers’ desire to travel the world after strong Limitations. The direct flight from Australia to Rome But the new Qantas flight, which was … Read more

Pope Francis: medicine against gossip? bite your tongue

“Winning gossip isn’t easy, and someone asks me, ‘But how can you do that?’ There is a very good medicine: bite your tongue. It will do you good.” Pope Francis, who commemorated the 150th anniversary of St. Luigi Orione and the participant in the General Chapter of the Sons of Divine Providence receiving a representative … Read more

UK, Traces of polio virus in London waters

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date In Britain, which was declared polio-free in 2003, poliovirus may have resurfaced. Traces of the virus have been found in London’s sewage. Specifically, the UK’s Heath Security Agency (Ukhsa), in partnership with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (Mhra), found the poliovirus in sewage samples … Read more

F1, Canadian GP: Pole Verstappen, Leclerc starts last. THE STARTING POSITION – F1

Max Verstappen on Red Bull will start from pole position in the Canadian Grand Prix, the ninth round of the Formula 1 World Championship, which takes place on Sunday at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Montreal. Second time and front row for Fernando Alonso (Alpine). Third Sainz, Leclerc leaves last © ANSA Carlos Sainz’s … Read more