Good-natured IRAP alerts in the rain and Civis in the event of a breakdown

A flurry of good-natured and obviously erroneous communications about IRAP is hitting taxpayers, clogging the tax agency’s counters and online services. Analyze and comment on a story with different implications. Notifications of amicable notices regarding liquidation after 36bis have been served for several weeksAgency of Revenuewhere the right mentioned in Article 24 of Legislative Decree … Read more

VAT registration numbers, letters from the tax office in the tax drawer on 23 ISA anomalies

VAT registration numbers, letters from the Agency of Revenue in the tax drawer regarding the 23 ISA anomalies identified for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020. The regulation, published on June 24, contains operational notes and technical specifications. VAT registration numbersgive her 23 ISA anomalies identified byAgency of Revenue The new campaign from Letters to … Read more

Ecobonus auto 2022, tax code ready for credit settlement with model F24

Ecobonus auto 2022, tax codes available to include in the F24 model. They must be offset against the use of the tax credit. Resolution No. 30, June 23, changes the designation of previous digit sequences to align with what is new in the Bill of Laws. Eco bonus car 2022provides the revenue agency i tax … Read more

Special profit contribution, the clarifications of the income, who has to pay and the calculation

Special profit contribution, further clarifications from the Revenue Agency in Circular No. 22 of June 23, 2022. The aspects covered in the practice document: the subjective area, the tax base and the VAT group. extra profit contribution, the Revenue Agency provides further explanation of the amount to be paid company in the manufacture and marketing … Read more

Superbonus 110, the Revenue Agency’s maxi-circular explaining the subsidy

Superbonus 110 percent, published the Revenue Agency’s Maxi Circular No. 23 of June 23, 2022. The practice document summarizes the explanations on the deduction: from the beneficiaries to facilitated interventions, passing through the buildings concerned and the choice between bank transfer and invoice discount. Super bonus 110 percentthere are further clarifications in relation to the … Read more

in the new Revenue Guide the news on lending

Superbonus 110 Percent: The Revenue Agency updates the subsidy guide based on the latest news. Below that, the document of June 22, 2022 clarifies the changes in lending, but also the extension for single-family homes. Super bonus 110 percentfind a place in the new Revenue Agency Guide the latest news about the relief, especially on … Read more

CNDCEC’s request to postpone the June 30 deadline

Tax extension until July 20, 2022, with the possibility of deferral until August 20 with a 0.40 percent increase. The president of the National Council of Accountants asked for the June 30 deadline to be postponed in the letter to the MEF and the Revenue Agency. tax extension Al July 20, 2022: to ask is … Read more

Covid State Aid Self-Declaration, with the simplification decree, an extension on the way but yet to be defined

Covid State Aid Self-Declaration, an indefinite extension would be on the way with the simplification decree discussed in the Council of Ministers on June 15, 2022. According to the advance notices, the text will give the tax office more time to register bonuses, perks and contributions in the ANN and the ability to set the … Read more