Spezia and Brescia advance, Como and Pisa are eliminated

At the top, the Eaglets pass against the Larians: 5-1. The Rondinelle defeated the Nerazzurri 4-1 at the Garibaldi Arena

Spezia and Brescia both go to the round of 32 Italian cup. The Ligurians win 5-1 against As. Nzola’s brace, Verde’s penalty and Strelec’s goals decide the game Daniel Maldin. For the Larians, a Blanco sign. In the other game, the Brescian won 4:1 Pisa Comeback thanks to Nicolas’ own goal (25′) and goals from Ayè (61′), Ndoj (72′) and Bianchi (94′). Masucci’s Tuscan advantage is worthless.

In the Alberto Picco Stadium, Spezia has the upper hand in the game valid for the 32nd place of the Italian Cup, spreading the Como 5-1 and flying to the next stages of the competition. The first 45 minutes offered several opportunities for both sides: with Cerri the most dangerous for the Lombards and Verde for the Bianconeri. Shortly before the break, however, the hosts found the lead with Nzola (43rd). The Angolan striker gets rid of Cagnano and hits Ghidotti with a precise lob. Returning to the field, the Komaschi found the equalizer with Blanco in the 55th minute: Parisini put a good ball on the Spanish striker, who initially deliberately hit the opponent’s goal. The reaction of Gotti’s men is immediate: Kabashi puts Caldara on the ground in the penalty area and the referee shows eleven meters. Green goes from the point, making no mistake and bringing the Spezia forward. Signing up for the trio is the newly drafted Strelec at 71′ with a winning undersize deviation. The Ligurians are rampant and score with another penalty: Nzola from the penalty spot makes no mistake (touching Binks’ comito). Daniel Maldini’s goal (89th) also comes to an end, with another photocopy goal: Reca runs away to the left and the midfielder, loaned from Milan, falls a few meters in front of the goal.

Serie B progression at the Garibaldi Arena is won by Brescia, who defeat Pisa 4-1 to advance to the last 32 of the Italian Cup. In Tuscany, the result is published in the 19′ when the Tuscans take the lead thanks to Masucci’s header, which takes advantage of teammate Mastinu’s crossbar. At 25′, the Lombards equalized with Ndoj: the Brescia midfielder hits a powerful free-kick that lands first on Nicolas’ back and then in the net: 1-1. The comeback of Clotet Ruiz’s team comes early in the second half: Ayè, at 61 ‘, takes advantage of an assist for Moreo’s kiss and realizes the winning tap-in with an empty net. Ndoj signs the trio after a team action in the 72nd minute. The game is finally ended by Bianchi’s goal in added time. At the sixteenth notes, Brescia finds the Spezia.

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