Remember Sofia Calesso, protagonist of the hilarious gag starring Antonella Elia on Temptation Island? Here it is today

Do you remember Sofia Calesso attending Temptation Island with her boyfriend Alessandro Medici? Here it is today. Big news.

Sofia and Alessandro went to Temptation Island to test their feelings. Certainly some scenes involving them made us laugh a lot. How can we forget when Sofia, in despair, left the village pinnettu at the Is Morus Relais and began to let off steam with her traveling companions. In fact, the woman declared that she loved her partner so much.Not having loved Sofia enough”. Antonella Elia, she also tested her relationship with her boyfriend Pietro delle Piane and heard the girl during the outburst she asked “Who is Sofia?”. This scene has become one of the most viral memes on social media in a long time. But we also love Elijah for that. Alessandro then asked for an early campfire with his girlfriend. Here’s what happened.

Are Sofia and Alessandro still engaged?

After watching several videos of his girlfriend, Alessandro requested an early campfire before the 21 days were up. Despite the argument that arose from their jealousy, they then decided to leave the show together. After a month, Filippo met up with the competitors as usual to see if everything was still like the last campfire after the show had aired. Sofia showed up without Alessandro, who had decided to leave her during the broadcast. The girl was visibly exhausted and had also lost a lot of weight. Sofia started working on social media and was also the protagonist of a scam attempt. They had actually asked her for €90,000 to take part in a program. Now a reality TV expert, she wondered why she should pay rather than receive a fee. The woman also reported the scam to Striscia la Notia.

But how did the story with Alessandro end? Having decided to leave her, he went back and asked the girl for another chance. The program and breakup made the two understand that they were a perfect match and not only did they get back together, but they also decided to get married. To explain to, it was Sofia who announced the happy event. Sofia also announces that taking part in Temptation was the turning point for her relationship with the Puglian butcher, they managed to resolve every quarrel and finally enjoy their happiness.

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