Rai fee, a few more days for liberation: here’s what to do

A 50% discount off the total cost of Rai License Fee (equal to 90 euros) valid for some categories of users. Through June 30th Next, the beneficiaries must submit an application for exemption from paying for the second semester and thus receive a discount of around 45 euros compared to the annual fee.

But let’s see a little better what it is.

What is the Rai fee?

This is a “tax” that everyone who has a television in their household must pay, and applies to the entire family unit if everyone has lived in the same household from birth.

Residents abroad also have to pay the rent if they have an apartment with a TV in Italy. The total cost of the fee (which goes into the coffers of the public broadcaster) is 90 euros divided into 10 installments of 9 euros each in the electricity bill for the period from January to October respectively.

The fee logically varies depending on the billing frequency of the bill and is therefore 9 euros for monthly bills and 18 euros for bimonthly bills.

The payment of the RAI license fee (which cost 113 before the reform) directly into the electricity bill was introduced with the Stability Law of 2015 by the then Renzi government to combat tax evasion.

Who is exempt from paying the contribution

Some categories of users are exempt from paying, including, according to the Revenue Agency’s website, over 75s with income not exceeding certain thresholds (annual income less than 8,000 euros and not a member of the core with their own income), Diplomats and foreigners military and those who do not own a TV.

In addition, citizens who use electricity but do not have a television in their home can also get the exemption. In these cases, however, it is necessary to fill out and submit a form Substitute Statement in which the right to exemption is communicated. This declaration must be submitted by:

  • January 31, 2022 to exempt all year round;
  • on June 30, 2022 for the second half of 2022, from July to December.

The declaration is valid for the current year and must be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • internet application available on the Revenue Agency website;
  • P.E.C with digital signature at cp22.sat@postacertificata.rai.it;
  • registered mail at the following address: Agenzia delle Entrate Turin Office 1, SAT – TV subscription counter – PO Box 22 – 10121 Turin.

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