Primavera, Torino-Juventus 1-3: 3rd/4th place final for the Bianconeri

The Grenades complete the Cairo Mum and Dad Trophy in fourth place

The Mole Derby and third place in the Memorial Trophy Mamma and Papa Cairo go to Juventus, who won 3-1 at Quattordio. Scurto’s Torino got off to a rough start with the Bianconeri leading by two goals after 10 minutes. Then the grenades close the gap to Savva, but are unable to reopen the race. Torino thus concludes the summer appointment with the trophy dedicated to the parents of grenade president Urbano Cairo in fourth and last place.

Compared to the semifinals with Milan, there is a lot of news in the eleven chosen by Scurto for the derby. Confirmations include Brezzo in goal and Opoku in the left-back role, the rest of the defense is unprecedented with the central pair of Bura-Rettore in Gaj on the right. In midfield we see Weidmann as a right midfielder, flanked by Ruszel as a central and Dalla Vecchia as a left midfielder. The offensive trio is new: Ansah provides the first striker, Ali Savva and Njie.

A hot start for Torino, who had to face a cynical Juventus from the start. If the first one in the bag bears Ansah’s signature, it’s actually the Bianconeri who pick up the pace. Yildiz takes advantage of his team’s first chance, running away from the line of grenade defenders and finding the advantage with a dirty shot that Brezzo comes up with, unable to dodge the 1-o Bianconero. Juventus doubled even faster in the 9th minute when Mbangula flew away to make it 2-0. Torino becomes more incisive in the last quarter of an hour of the first group, benefiting from Gaj’s cross from the right and a generous look. Meanwhile, Juventus hit the crossbar from Strudonck. Best shot of the grenade comes at the end, nice exchange of blows in the area between Weidmann and Njie, with the last one to fire finding Daffara’s prompt reply.

Immediately into the fray in the second half Dembele tried something different than usual on the left wing instead of Opoku. Shortly after, it’s Azizi’s turn to take Dalla Vecchia’s place. Half an hour before the end we see a more proactive Toro in the offensive phase: Weidmann tries from a distance, Daffara still blocks. Even more sensational is the exchange of blows between Ansah and Njie, in which the second in front of the Juventus defense but imprecisely narrowed the diagonal too much at the end. Fresh strength for the finale with Gineitis and Marchioro instead of Weidmann and Njie. However, the goal that shortens the distance falls in the 64th minute and revives hopes of the grenade. It’s signed by Savva, who finds the winning tap-in. Juve immediately try to restore the accounts, but Brezzo lengthens and avoids the goal. To compensate for the disadvantage, the bull must inevitably be discovered. Juventus took advantage of this and found the 3-1 counterattack with Anghelé. A few grenade explosions at the end, but not enough to restart the games. The Derby of the Mole goes to Juventus, who win third place.

markings: 6′ Yildiz (J), 9′ Mbangula (J), 64′ Savva (J), 74′ Anghelé (J)

TURIN (4-3-3): Brezzo; Gaj, Rector, Bura (79′ Pasquino), Opoku (46′ Dembele); Weidmann (63′ Gineitis), Russel, Dalla Vecchia (56′ Azizi); Savva (79′ Capac), Ansah, Njie (63′ Marchioro). Available: Pietroluongo, Dembele, Maset, Pertinhes, Bonelli, D’Agostino, Hennaux, Ceschin. Trainer: Dark

JUVENTUS: Daffodils, Valdesi, Domanico, Citi, Rouhi; Ripani, Nonge, Mbangula; Strudonck, Turkish Yildiz. Available: Scaglia, Vinarick, Dellavalle, Doratiotto, Maressa, Hasa, Turco, Firman, Vacca, Morleo, Anghelé, Ledonne, Florea, Moruzzi. Trainer: Montero

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