Coronavirus in Italy and in the world: news and Covid case bulletin today, June 23. DIRECT

Covid: WHO, cases and deaths down in 7 days but +6% infections in Europe New cases and new deaths of Covid in the world are declining according to the latest update from the World Health Organization. Over the week of June 13-19, over 3.3 million infections (-4%) and over 7,500 deaths (-16%) were reported, bringing … Read more

in the new Revenue Guide the news on lending

Superbonus 110 Percent: The Revenue Agency updates the subsidy guide based on the latest news. Below that, the document of June 22, 2022 clarifies the changes in lending, but also the extension for single-family homes. Super bonus 110 percentfind a place in the new Revenue Agency Guide the latest news about the relief, especially on … Read more

Two-year loan draft for Lukaku, United consider de Vrij

Gentlemen’s agreement with Chelsea to have the Belgian in 2023-24 too. Ten Hag is interested in Compatriot L’ANDERLECHT HER HUSBANDAfter the loan to Basel, Sebastiano Esposito faces another season abroad: Anderlecht loaned him out to Inter. MONZA, GALLIANI AVAILABLE TO HANDLE PINAMONTIAdriano Galliani at Inter headquarters: Monza always focus on Andrea Pinamonti who has just … Read more

Legendary guitarist Steve Vai humiliates Maneskin: “I don’t know her…”

There’s this Damianodeimaneskin, Damianodeimaneskin by profession, engaged to a vaginal poetess by profession, engaged to what Damianodeimaneskin does, and who, even when he sees his mother, pounces on her like an angel. The image consultants explained to him that it’s called “stage diving” and that it’s a very rocky thing, even copying other people’s costumes … Read more

Rotavirus: prevention and diagnosis

Rotavirus is the viral agent responsible for most cases of adolescent gastroenteritis and is a common virus that can be transmitted in a number of ways. It is widespread all over the world, but knowing it allows us to prevent its effects. Rotavirus gastroenteritis presents with various symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, fever and watery diarrhea. But … Read more

This is the reason to avoid tax audits

Attention, this is the reason to avoid tax audits in case a transfer is made in favor of children and relatives. Do one Bank transfer in favor of their children and relatives It’s obviously possible, but pay attention to the cause. Otherwise, you run the risk of being scrutinized by the Revenue Agency. So let’s … Read more

Mandragora runs towards Florence. Direction or coexistence with Amrabat? The possibilities

How would the purple median change with the midfielder’s eventual arrival? Let’s analyze the possibilities As a replacement for Torreira, it stands to reason that Mandragora would be used as the bottom of the coach’s classic 4-3-3; with the Neapolitan midfielder, who would take on management and recruitment duties, becoming the lynchpin of the Fleur … Read more

Charlene and Albert of Monaco take the kiss on the lips in Norway

Charlene of Monaco and Albert they publicly exchanged a kiss on the lips, an affection that should silence all rumors of crisis, although there is still someone who is unconvinced and speaks of a strategy studied at the table. The reason for the kiss is the couple’s state trip to Norway, which brought the twins … Read more

better forget the others

Pasta without glyphosate: There has been talk of a real fight against herbicides for years. Here is the only brand that saves, while the other brands are better if you forget them. Pasta – Next thefood alert: After fish, fruit and vegetables, wheat and pasta are also accused. Talking about an all-out battle against … Read more