over 500 euros for Tenerife, 400 for London and Paris

Bad news for latecomers who have not yet decided where to spend their summer holidays and are currently preparing to buy a plane ticket to reach a foreign capital or tourist destination. Air fares have indeed reached record levels, as confirmed by Istat, which recorded a 160.2% increase in international air tickets in July. Assoutenti, an association that has compared airline fares for some European and international destinations, takes the “expensive flight” into account.

Intercontinental flights

It turns out that those who want to travel to China from Rome and land in Beijing can expect to pay almost 3,400 euros (one way and 3 stops), which adds up to over 10,000 euros if you choose the fastest connection Select. Tickets for Sidney start at 1,594 euros when embarking in Fiumicino (always one way), 1,582 euros from Milan. To go to Singapore it costs around 1,200 euros from both cities and 950 euros for Tokyo. Flying to Jakarta is cheaper if you start from Milan (685 euros versus 1,341 euros from Rome), as well as from New York (tickets from 1,243 euros from Fiumicino, 915 euros from Malpensa), while the situation is reversed if the destination is the City is from Mexico: 1,184 from the capital, 1,263 euros from Milan.

Fly to Europe

Assoutenti then hypothesized that a return flight on August 19 (morning) and August 22 (evening) returns to European destinations and foreign tourist destinations: it turns out that a few days on the magnificent Greek island of Mykonos 395 euros cost for the flight from Milan, 292 euros for the one from Rome (but in the latter case you have to depart at 1:35 to save money). It is even worse if you decide to go to Tenerife: the plane ticket costs 520 euros from Rome and 441 euros from Milan. Also expensive to London (419 euros for the Fiumicino-Heathrow route), while those who want to spend a few days in romantic Paris (landing at Charles de Gaulle airport) will spend 314 euros from Rome but only 113 euros if you get on Milan (but in this case from Linate and back to Malpensa).

The ascent with the luggage

Prices that, Assoutenti explains, do not take into account the additional costs (hand luggage, seat choice, travel insurance, etc.), taxes that can greatly increase the final bill of buying a ticket. “Air transport is fast becoming a luxury for the rich – warns the President of Assoutenti, Furio Truzzi – The increase in energy costs and the increase in fuel prices have been fully passed on to end users through an abnormal increase in tickets. , increased by 160% in July compared to 2021. And, unfortunately, the situation will only get worse: the cuts in airline flights due to the lack of staff leads to a general reduction in connections with direct negative consequences for the seat prices still available and the users ‘bagsĀ», concludes Truzzi.

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