National Cloud, surprise races won by Fastweb and Aruba (with Amazon). The Tim Leonardo Cdp consortium has 15 days to restart

to surprise European race for the realization and the administration of Cloud National team provided by the PNRR was won by Aruba e fastwebwho offered one Discount in the middle of 39.19% on the tender-based price lists (the total value is 4.4 billion). Their proposal is based on cloud technologies from Amazon and Microsoft Azure. The consortium it belongs to has been defeated Sogey, Leonardo, cdp equity e TimWinners in December of the first round of the contest up for election Project which formed the basis of the tender with a starting price of 4.4 billion. The grouping, which includes several public bodies, now has fifteen days time “Exercise the right of first refusal, where appropriate, by undertaking to fulfill the contractual obligations on the same terms offered by the current contractor,” reads a statement from the Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation. It should therefore adjust the average discount significantly 23.36% offered in the first instance. The maxi group has specified Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud as suppliers.

The procedure was carried out by defense servicesan in-house company of the Ministry of Defence, as a central procurement office and with the participation ofNational Anti-Corruption Agency. The award of National Strategic Pole realizes the National Recovery and Resilience Plan’s mission to accelerate recovery digital transformation of public administration and aims to get 75% of Italian administrations to use cloud services by 2026. All central administrations, healthcare company Local authorities and key local governments can draw on the economic resources provided by NRP Mission 1.2 to migrate data and services to the Polo. Their creation is one of the three fundamental objectives envisaged by the Cloud Italy strategyalong with the classification of data and public services by the National Agency for Cybersecurity and the migration of digital data and public administration services to the cloud.


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