Napoli meets Sassuolo to finalize the Raspadori deal

Management met at Napoli’s withdrawal to reach an agreement to bring the forward to Maradona

II Naples is serious Giacomo Raspadori and management doesn’t want to wait any longer. That ds Giuntoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis and the market people of Sassuolo met to try to complete a negotiation lasting several weeks, during which a draft agreement was reached. A rich man is ready for the player five-year contract to around 2.5 million euros, while with the Sassuolo It remains to find an agreement between a total of 30 and 40 million euros, or rather the offer from Napoli and the request from neroverdi.

We are waiting for the right call, that of the President, to ratify and give away everything Raspadori to Spalletti, who did not deny the desire to embrace him after Mertens failed to renew. To archive the last details, the meeting organized by the parties in the blue retreat in the presence of De Laurentiis, Giuntoli and the ad neroverde Carnevali accompanied by ds Giovanni Rossi should serve this purpose.

However, the gap is still long, about 10 million euros, which at the moment has not allowed the two companies to reach an agreement. The request for 40 million euros, slightly less than what was collected for Scamacca, from the Sassuolo did not find the approval of Napoli, which assumes a base of 30 million. However, meeting in person means that the will to close, probably with a figure in the middle with methods to study, is there and the deal can go through.

Everything in it Mondayhowever, since Carnevali does not intend to exceed this date for the sale of the big names to be entrusted to Dionisi.

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