Monica Setta, do you know what the journalist’s salary is? A slap in the face of misery

How much does famous presenter Monica Setta make? Its fee will make your head spin: Here’s how much it is and what the numbers are.

TV presenter and journalist, this essentially describes the career of Monica Setta. A character who over the years has managed to make a name for himself in the entertainment world but especially in that of journalism. Her talent is such that it has taken her far beyond the world of print. In fact, she has written several books and was a writer of television shows, which she then flawlessly directed.

In short, we are dealing with a complete and well-rounded character. Very often it happens that the audience from home is placed differently around a familiar face in the television world. Above all, a woman of her caliber, who has always appeared very openly and, above all, proud of her craft, she gained with so many sacrifices and studies. One of the most frequently asked questions is certainly about the compensation he receives for each completed job. Here we reveal how much Monica Setta earns as a presenter.

How much does Monica Setta earn?

Monica Setta is always in demand for the professionalism she enjoys on the major television networks. Her work has certainly given her a lot of pleasure, also on an economic level. The sect is in fact famous for having a great activity in the work on television but also as a writer. At the beginning of his career he started as a journalist at the daily of toast. Later he decides to leave Puglia to move to Rome, where he decides to enroll in theUniversity of La Sapienza Attending the philosophy course. This decision led her to enter into several collaborations with many famous newspapers, including The Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno e people of the new era.

A career that has even allowed her to collaborate with channels such as Rai, with Mediaset and La7, achieving good success in terms of ratings. Especially together with Tiberio Timperi on the management of One morning, scored a notable share. So how much compensation does Monica Setta get for each of her television appearances? It appears that Rai credits his employees with a very substantial payment. The fee would actually be between 150.00-200,000 euros. These figures would therefore also interest Monica Setta, who, however, never spoke of such or other amounts and confirmed or denied the truthfulness.

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