“Mondo Convenienza” arrives in Calabria. The first store in our region will open on July 2nd

There’s news: on July 2nd Mondo Convenienza arrives in Calabria, in Catanzaro.

The new store will house 2960 square meters of exhibition space dedicated to the world of living and furnishing.

A large display area, from the kitchen to the bedroom, to furnish your home at the best value for money. Also, for the occasion, a special golden van will drive through the streets of Catanzaro: you just have to find it to try to win one of the 500 euro vouchers that you can redeem in the new store.

As always, the equipment of the Catanzaro store combines the latest furnishing trends with elements that pay homage to local tradition and bring back the identity of the territory.

Those who visit the Catanzaro shop have the opportunity to explore the furnishings of the catalog in the context of the Catanzaro tradition, a homage to the manufacture of damask and silk. Even the accessories evoke the local identity, with tools and objects belonging to ancient rural crafts: the making of baskets, the processing of silk and natural fiber yarns.

The one in Catanzaro is the first point of sale in Calabria, an important step to make a unique and competitive line of furniture even more accessible.

Products but also services: over 85 new employees will be hired in the new store, a team is at your disposal to support you in the choice of your furniture (from design to information to after-sales service).

The new Mondo Convenienza store in Catanzaro is located in the Le Fontane shopping center (Viale Emilia, 61, 88100 Catanzaro CZ).

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