“Living together? I have my obligations in Rome and…”

Recently, former Tronista of Men and Women Luca Salatino gave an interview where he said what he thinks about the coexistence.

Luca Salatino He recently gave an interview to Mondotv24 where he talked about his journey men and women as a suitor and Tronista. From his relationship to his choice, Soraja Ceruti, after the end of the program and their future projects. Among these there would be coexistence, even if both admitted…

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Men and women, Luca and Soraia will not live together?

During the interview with Mondotv24, the two former protagonists of Men and Women, both Luca Salatino and Soraia Ceruti, said what they think about the topic of “coexistence”. Explaining that due to commitments and work – living in two different cities – they can’t see each other much at the moment and want to get things done in peace. Soraia explained in this regard:

We’re not living together at the moment. We see little between commitments and work. It’s going very well, of course the distance is an obstacle, but we’re doing very, very well. We look forward to getting to know each other. All goes well. At thirty, things need to be done wisely and slowly. Otherwise you risk ruining everything. The goals, projects and intentions are there.

While Luca took Soraia’s words by adding:

Good. Of course there is distance, we have our obligations. I have my commitments in Rome because she’s definitely doing sports, she’s with her work…for now we can’t reunite. We see each other once a week, either I go up to Como or she goes down to Rome. So we are able to handle this situation, which is certainly not comfortable. Coexistence is the goal we want to achieve. For the time being we can’t work, she for the job and I for the sporting commitments that I have here in Rome. Also the fact that we haven’t met yet … but living together is certainly our goal, or sooner or later the desire is there. Of course you have to listen to your heart when you’re a boy, if after a day you feel like living with someone you have to do it, at 30 it’s definitely different.

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