Jennifer Lopez, Elon Musk, and those desexed kids

Singer Jennifer Lopez Duets With Daughter She Calls “She”; The son of Tesla’s father Elon Musk changes his name, surname and gender and denies his sonship with the billionaire. Pandemic of onomastic madness, from the war between the sexes, the war between the “sexes” ended.

Pandemic of onomastic madness and war between sexes and “genders”. Ansa informs us that “Jennifer Lopez introduced her 14-year-old daughter Emme onstage using the neutral English pronoun ahead of a joint performance in Los Angeles. you (‘You’)”. This is because the girl perceives herself as non-binary. Trains and exchanges (if not more verbal) have nothing to do with it, but Emme feels neither flesh nor fish, male nor female. Floating in of sexual limbo, with the four lighted arrows waiting to decide what in reality Mother Nature or Father God had already decided for them.Until yesterday rebellious teenagers didn’t want to study anymore, today they don’t want to be either boy or girl.

So Lopez introduced her daughter on stage: “I always ask ‘they’ to sing with me, but they never do, this is a very special occasion because they are very, very busy and expensive.” Children used to call out “you” to their parents. They could now take revenge in their own way. From the plural majesty in the majority Povertyand in this case the poverty, before it is linguistic, is of thought.

The experts of the language that comes neither from Mars nor from Venus They explain to us that for those who hate both blue and pink, they are not pronouns but onomatopoeic hypernouns like “xe/xem” or “ze/zim” or “sie/hir”. As euphonious as it is tragic. In contrast, the Futurist Vittorini passes for the bourgeoisie.

Another problematic legacy. Xavier Musk is the son of the famous Elon. Since living with a lot of zeros made him feel like a zero, he decided to change his name because he decided to become a woman and also a surname by taking his mother’s. At 18 her name will be Vivian Jenna Wilson. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can go to your head. You can read them in official documents filed with a Los Angeles court desired of the son: “I do not want to be related to my biological father in any way.” Translated: Your father made me a man and you gave me this name and I reject you and everything you have done to me. Never say that Oedipus is out of fashion and has nothing to do with gender theory.

Xavier may have been right in wanting to change his name (but not sex) if he happened to be named after his half-brother, X AE A-XI, which isn’t Tesla’s latest model, nor the initials of a tax number. The mother on Twitter was kind enough to enlighten us that the “X” represents the “unknown variable”, that “Æ” is instead the Elvish pronunciation of the word AI, artificial intelligence, while A-12 is the precursor to SR – 17, the couple’s favorite plane. It was best named after a Tesla model. Such a father (and mother), such a child, and so here is alienated from the father to the point where he alienates himself, and that was it by choosing name and gender when he left home and alone wanted to live.

The story of these two asexual sons – the adjective is devoid of censoring feelings, but only refers to the rainbow-colored linguistic imaginary – it teaches us that in the LGBT vocabulary there are words that express whole worlds, such as the one Alice ended up in, where a white rabbit is able to speak, a man can be a woman and a teenager can sexually neutralize and naturalize non-binary. It is the neutral white that contains the full color spectrum and not the rainbow which is the true LGBT+ color (which doesn’t mean people drink everything and more, but lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other).

Asterisks and mayors have been rolled for years, convinced that either God made a mistake in making us who we are, or God made it good, but we can do better. And so the male and female vowels can be accused of sexist superiority, the bulldozer for him and the barbie for her are such dangerous toys that one would like to let them play with hand grenades, “Sir” and “Lady” from titles are epithets discolored, segregated toilets are toxic places even if they were very clean.

Give me a word and I’ll lift the world. Or maybe I’ll sink it.

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