How much is the gold used today worth? The answer will shock you

Gold was and is, in all probability, the metal that has had the greatest power and influence in the history of mankind, indelibly imprinting it in the various “sectors”, starting from the economic, commercial, but also cultural: Regarded for thousands of years as the most valuable of metals, it has very rare and important properties such as extreme ductility, which makes it extremely useful and easy to model even today, as well as valuable properties such as luster, durability and resistance to chemical agents and weathering. Additionally, gold has been a form of “barter” material since the beginning of the economy and is widely used in the second-hand sector.


Gold also immediately had an incredible cultural and social impact and quickly provided an excellent incentive to seek easy riches, to the point that many expeditions leading to the discovery of unexplored places were made possible by the very search for gold.

To date, most of the mined gold is used in economic areas, e.g. B. for the manufacture of ingots and jewellery, while a smaller percentage is used in more practical areas such as photography or medicine and industry Take advantage of the excellent conductivity of the metal, which fully belongs to those commonly considered “precious” designated metals.

How much is the gold used today worth? The answer will shock you

Gold is also one of the best-selling metal resources on the second-hand market, even if the panorama is diversified mainly based on the purity of the metal: in Italy almost all gold is bought second-hand buy gold comes from jewels, almost all of which are of exceptionally high purity, equivalent to 18k, which is 75% pure gold. To date, this variety has seen a moderate increase in value given the significant increase in demand over the past few weeks. In fact, a gram of used gold is bought for just under 40 euros, around 39.50 and 39.90 euros to be precise.

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