Here are the signs most sensitive to “lightning strikes”. Is yours there too?

The concept of love at first sight has always tended to “divide” opinions about the concept, but also in relation to the simple existence of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstant or almost instant infatuation: although scientifically falling in love can be chemical” explained” lasts much longer from a psychological point of view in most cases than “love at first sight”. It’s certainly true that the onset of falling in love can actually be immediate: here are the traditional signs that are more likely to be “victims” of lightning strikes.

Here are the signs most sensitive to “lightning strikes”. Is yours there too?


They love life and tend towards social relationships. That’s why they have so many friends and in most cases even so many sentimental stories that don’t always turn into serious “relationships”. The tendency to be attracted to very different personalities means they are both valued highly and “rejected” because of their propensity for infidelity.


They are naturally attracted to new things, they hate routine and even if they believe in the concept of romantic love, they always tend to have new feelings for someone. Even if they have defined sentimental standards, they are situational and mood-related, which is why they “fall victim” to love at first sight.


The half-dark Scorpio is also more of a love-at-first-sight victim, which in most cases remains the case, but it is an excellent opportunity for those born under this zodiac sign to fully understand the new knowledge.

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