Giardina (Il Giornale di Sicilia): “Palermo is not at the top, the bull has weakened”

With a view to tonight’s game against Palermo, we spoke to those who know the Rosanero area very well

With a view to tonight’s game, in which Torino host Palermo for the 32nd Italian Cup, we spoke to those who know the Rosanero area very well. This is Benedict Garden, journalist of the Giornale di Sicilia. These are his statements:

Which Palermo did you see against Reggiana and which team awaits Torino?

“It’s not the brilliant Palermo of the playoffs. It still needs to be baked in and some rust removed, especially considering the preparation here in Palermo was below 40 degrees, despite trying to train in the evening or late afternoon. The Heat he was paid well in the friendly against Pisa. So the team isn’t in top form, but the group is essentially the same as last year and that’s Palermo’s strength. Then there’s Brunori: for 7 months he’s seen the goal like no other and it’s scary how he manages to score in every way. He’s an absolute striker and he proved it with Reggiana. “

How much does the argument about the resignation of the coach and sporting director affect the current situation of the team? Who do you think is the favorite on the Rosanero bench?

“The resignation has an impact because the team was very close to Baldini. The win in the playoffs is to his credit: the mental leap that allowed Palermo to win is what made him do it. In the regular season, the team didn’t even look like a team that could think about promotion, but then also used the enthusiasm of the pitch, there was the mental switch: Baldini deserves the credit. So we’re going through a period of mental restructuring to replace Baldini’s position as favorite on the bench. A lot of people here have positive feedback for Corini because he’s a flag for this team and he did well in Serie B, but we also have to see what they want to do in Manchester.”

Much has been said about the change of ownership. What do you think the new management group wants to do with Palermo? Why could they have decided to invest in Palermo and not, for example, in Turin?

“The only answer I could give myself was that Palermo is a club that has almost no debt. For City Football Club, this is a security situation. If there’s one thing the group has here, it is Time to decide how much and.” how to invest The investment is not to turn Palermo into a battleship, but to consolidate in Serie B and then gradually become an A-Team. But the company is healthy, new and has delivered results. That’s why Palermo was attractive. In Turin, on the other hand, not only can you invest and strengthen yourself, but you have to fill some gaps that Palermo doesn’t have. That’s why they invested here.”

How do you assess Torino’s situation from the outside?

“It seems similar to previous years but with a few fewer elements. If you lose Belotti, you cannot consider yourself a strengthened team compared to last year. If you also lose Pobega, Brekalo and Bremer and don’t replace them , from the outside the impression that the team is weakened. When you lose a lot of elements you have to give signals, but you don’t do that. It’s still a month before the transfer market and Juric wants reinforcements. Last year he was partially satisfied and a nice Torino came out but at the moment the grenades are lacking the extra boost of the leavers.To date it’s a team that’s clearly weakened.”

Do you think that a quarrel like that between Vagnati and Juric is incurable, or do you believe the explanation of the Granata Dt?

“In Zamparini’s time there were many similar scenes, maybe even worse. It all depends on the personalities of the two. When that tension arises and ends for the good of Turin, then it can be healed if you want to work on it instead.” Everything is more difficult for the others. When behind the anger is a lack of trust, it is difficult to bring back such a crisis. Juric is someone who doesn’t tell them, but it seems like some kind of bad fight to me that makes the message seem incurable though. Indeed, for Juric it’s the best way to better respond to a team situation and transfer market like this.

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