Do you remember Clarissa Marchese? The former Miss Italy has competed in men’s and women’s, but is he still on his ‘choice’?

Do you remember Clarissa Marchese? The beautiful Sicilian won Miss Italy and then found love for both men and women.

The beautiful Clarissa was born in Sciacca and in 2014 she took part in the Rai 1 beauty contest, which recognizes the most beautiful people in Italy. It was she who won the crown and title of Miss Italy that year, even surpassing Soleil Sorge and Giulia Salemi who attempted to win the coveted Miss sash that same year. After her triumph and the great success she achieved, Maria De Filippi chose her as Tronista. In her presentation video, Clarissa explained that despite the success, she felt very close to her country and family and gave up many jobs in order not to distance herself from them. Many boys came down to court her, but only one broke her heart.

Clarissa Marchese, after Miss Sash, sits on the throne of men and women. Here she is today with her family

Clarissa took part in Men and Women as Tronista in 2014 and decided to continue her journey with Luca Onestini and the latest to woo her, Federico Gregucci. Ever since Federico arrived, Clarissa has had real love at first sight. Even her “opponent” Luca Onestini consciously decided that the girl would choose Federico, but wished her well. After the election, the two never left each other. They returned to the studio to announce they were getting married. The cameras of Men and Women accompanied her on her way to the altar, there were also many faces from Maria De Filippi’s world to see.

On May 30, 2019, the two married and, after the most important “yes” of their lives, made a brave decision: Clarissa and Federico moved to Miami. They started their new life in the United States. Federico established herself as a personal trainer, while Clarissa trained as a real estate agent and continued to work as a social media influencer. The two, right on the beach in Miami, announced the arrival of their first daughter with a sweet snap. Little Arya was born on March 11, 2020. After the birth, the distance of affection became more and more noticeable, so they decided to return to Italy. According to the latest rumors, Clarissa and Federico are waiting again.

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