De Ligt-Juve collapse after last clash: Chelsea and United in attack

TURIN De Ligt-Juve collapses. No renewal, no revision of the clause, no rapprochement between the parties. The Dutchman asked to sell it now Chelsea e Manchester United I’m in pole position. Matthijs should have been one of the linchpins of the reconstruction, a cornerstone of the future along with Church, Locatelli e Vlahovicas also stated by the President lambsand instead the project is one step away from failing by early summer, with technical consequences that could potentially be huge for Massimiliano’s team allegri. The bombshell exploded yesterday during the meeting in Milan between Juventus management and lawyer Rafaela Pimenta, who, among other things, looks after the defender’s interests. The highlight of the meeting was not so much pogba, a deal now finalized that only remains to be formalized, how much to retangle the threads of the confrontation over the future of the former Ajax center. On the table are the question of extending the contract until 2024, the question of the cancellation clause and the engagement. It was precisely on these points that the negotiations stalled a few weeks ago. In the meantime, the player had clarified his thoughts and stated his personal goals, which can be summed up in one word: to win. He had also stressed that the two fourth places in a row were not satisfactory and at the same time the need to make a qualitative leap. “We will have to take some steps forwardยป.


Obviously, Pogba’s arrival wasn’t enough to convince De Ligt, who has decided to make a crucial move himself. A real tear. In just over an hour of chat between Juve and Pimenta management, the less than desirable conclusion was reached, between crystallized and aloof positions. The Juventus club had and still intend to extend the contract until 2026, also to stave off the sirens of the transfer market. In fact, the hunt for Matthijs has now begun and all the big names in Europe are hot on his trail. However, the road to the contract extension was not downhill from the start. The lady’s wish didn’t match De Ligt’s intentions. First on the clause that refers to 115 million. Too high, according to the player’s environment, who saw it as a brake on potential market opportunities and therefore demanded that it be lowered. A working hypothesis was that it would be cut to bring it to around 80 million, but nothing was done. Another chapter: the engagement. De Ligt is currently the highest-paid in the Juventus squad, with a salary of 8million plus bonuses bringing the total to 12. With a view to the sustainability of the accounts and cost containment, Juve would have liked to spread the severance payment or, alternatively, reduce the bonus amount.


No way; The summary of the day is De Ligt’s sales request. Juve keep the door open for renewal but it’s obvious how this position taken by the player opens up the attack on the market. All the big names in Europe are preparing for the Dutchman, notably Chelsea, with whom the new owner wants to make a splash, and Manchester United, at the insistence of the new manager. Ten witch, mentor to Matthijs at the time of Ajax. Without forgetting the possible pitfalls that react to the names of Manchester City, Real Madrid and Psg. If someone knocks on Continassa’s door to enforce the clause, the Bianconeri won’t be able to do anything about it. But could 80-90 million be enough? The story has yet to be written.

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Chelsea, de Ligt is on the defense wish list

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