Dangerous toxins can be lurking in the house – throw them away right away

That home care Maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment is undoubtedly a priority, especially when there are children. However, despite the thousand attentions we devote to cleaning, there can be hidden toxins lurking that we completely ignore, but which can also prove very dangerous for people welfare from all. These are toxins harmful to humans that insidiously lurk in commonly used objects on which science deepens its studies.

After what came out of it chemical investigations More recently, there is evidence that some synthetic substances commonly found in the home can contribute to the development of disease and forms of disease disability. Therefore, experts recommend removing some items immediately to rid yourself of possible risks.

First, it’s good to throw away the contents Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound that hardens plastic, making products stronger and longer lasting. Already banned in baby bottles and other items for children, it is one of the causes of infertility and cancer in adulthood. The risk therefore arises fromcontinuous exposuresilent and unaware of this substance over the years.

So watch out for them too phthalates, or the group of chemicals found in various types of everyday products. Cosmetics, household cleaning products, but also some foods, for example, can contain large amounts that endanger the respiratory tract and nervous system of the people who use them and increase the risk of obesity. Likewise pesticides that are present in more or less constant traces on the fruit and vegetables that we put on the table, need special care.

Many synthetic fabrics used during cultivation can contaminate food right down to our plates, and thorough cleaning of fresh food is essential. And what about the lead residue lurking inside old colors Hometown? It is better to get rid of it to avoid the risk of poisoning, headache, dizziness, high blood pressure and fatigue.

Finally, we pay attention to additives that serve to delay the development of flames in the event of a fire. THE flame retardantsIn fact, they can be found in food packaging, many household items such as bedding and mattresses, electronic components, and baby items. Such substances can do more harm than good.

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