Covid, doctors: “3 out of 10 patients with symptoms refuse smear test”

Patients with Covid symptoms refuse the smear test: an increasingly common phenomenon in Italy. “We’re all a little worried about the increase in cases” of positive people in Covid-19. “Unfortunately, this Omicron 5 variant largely defies the normal rules that have helped us face the pandemic. The numbers we’re seeing are also underestimated because most who have symptoms don’t swab. Almost only those who need sick leave take the test“said the President of the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), Filippo Anelli, to Adnkronos Salute, after which GPs estimate that 30% of people with symptoms refuse the test,” is optimistic: I’m afraid there are more ” .

“Most citizens – continues Anelli – prefer not to cut corners in pharmacies or in structures that can trace it. If it’s okay, do it yourself, and if he’s in charge, if he’s negative, he walks out. But there are many positive aspects. who do not isolate themselves. And that, I think, is due to the abnormal spread of infection that occurs, among other things, during this summer period when you’re outdoors a lot and life inside closed structures is declining.”

For the Medici President, “there is an anomaly compared to the previous waves, when infections were almost zero at the end of June. And this anomaly is also related to skipping tracing in the face of a very contagious variant”.

“Now every day, in the doctor’s offices, Discussion with patients who have symptoms attributed to Covid asking for therapy but refusing to swab in pharmacies, with us or in public facilities, e.g not having to be forced into isolation when they are positive. I would say that this attitude affects 30% of people with suspected symptoms,” he told Adnkronos Salute è Silvestro ScottiFederal Secretary of the Association of General Practitioners (Fimmg), for the “summer wave” of Sars-CoV-2 infections bear a great deal of responsibility, according to the do-it-yourself swab, which “played down testing”.

“People who swab at home – Spiga Scotti – when they don’t have a salaried job or are poorly protected, with few symptoms that can be controlled with medication, in many cases do not report the disease so as not to have to isolate themselves . And the virus obviously ‘runs’, especially with the risk of infection of the Omicron variants”.

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