Coronavirus, the data: 56,166 new infections and 75 victims. The positivity rate is 22.6%

I am 56,166 the new infection of Covid recorded in the last 24 hours according to the Ministry of Health. Yesterday it was 53,905. That the victims they are instead 75, up from 50 yesterday. They have been carried out in everything, including antigenic and molecular, 248,042 swabs with the positivity rate 22.6%. There are 216 patients admitted to the intensive care unit, the same number as yesterday in the balance between entries and exits. Daily admissions are 31. Hospital admissions to normal wards are 5,064.

This is the data from last Thursday, the June 16th: 36,573 cases and 64 deaths, with 194,676 swabs. There were 20 ICU admissions compared to 31 today. The current positive readings are 652,572, which is 27,559 more in the last 24 hours. A total of 18,071,634 Italians have been infected since the start of the pandemic, while the death toll rises to 167,967. Those discharged and healed are 17,251,095, with an increase of 29,798,


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