Car incentives, the bonus increases by 50% for those with an income below 30,000 euros

The government has decided make some corrections to the structure of car premiums for low-emission cars, while also responding to some demands from trade associations. Therefore, the approval of a DPCM has arrived which introduces an additional bonus for vehicle buyers who have an income of less than 30,000 euros and the possibility e.g rental to access the posts.

Let’s get into the details. The first novelty was expected some time ago. Hence all those who have a income under 30,000 euros, They receive a 50% increase in the premium for the purchase of their car. Recall that the original scheme of the incentives provided a contribution for the purchase of a BEV of 3,000 euros without scrapping an old car and 5,000 euros with scrapping. As with the PHEV models, the premium is €2,000 without scrapping and €4,000 with scrapping.

After the introduction of this novelty protects him from posts The following applies to people with an income of less than 30,000 euros:

  • Electricity procurement with scrapping: 7,500 euros
  • Electricity procurement without scrapping: 4,500 euros
  • Plug-in purchase with scrapping: 6,000 euros
  • Plug-in purchase without scrapping: 3,000 euros

The second important change concerns the possibility of including incentives for electric cars and plug-ins for “legal entities that rent cars as long as they own them for at least 12 months“. Until now, landlords had been excluded. A decision that had caused a lot of discussion, so much so that the trade associations had long since asked the government for a corrective.

Now, finally, a change has occurred that allows to significantly expand the audience of the topics that the posts can use. When do they come into effect all this news? The incentive changes were introduced by a Prime Ministerial Decree and not by the Aid bis Decree. It is therefore hoped that technical implementation times will be reduced to a minimum, as specific ministerial regulation is required.

The first reactions to the new incentive system were positive. UNRAEhe particularly welcomed the involvement of landlords, for example.

We would like to thank Minister Giorgetti, the MiSE and the whole government for accepting UNRAE’s call with an intervention that goes in the right direction for the proper functioning of the eco-bonus. This measure finally ensures the full use of the available funds and avoids a remaining balance of over 300 million euros at the end of the year.

Finally, we recall that, in addition to revising the incentive rules, the government has also introduced new private top-up contributions.

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