Caparezza’s disease: “I have tinnitus, I do the last twenty concerts and I quit”

«The ear is ringing, the tinnitus is raging / In the head vuvuzela not the ukulele». That’s how Michele Salvemini aka Caparezza sang larsen tell about his illness. Which, announced today in an interview with Rest of the CarlinoShe will force him to stop giving concerts: “I do these wind instruments and I stop. I can’t risk too much ». Because the problem is delicate: “With tinnitus and hearing loss, I can no longer go on long concert tours like I used to. During these seven difficult years, I have met many colleagues who said to me, listen to this, let yourself be convinced, I did it, but nothing has changed. So I stopped looking for miracle cures for my hearing loss.” And he decided to give up: “When I found every now and then that I could no longer listen to music through headphones, I got into a crisis and thought, my body be a prison. So I tried everything, pills, shots, psychotherapy, but in the end I realized I just need to keep it and maybe think of something else, distract myself.”

What are tinnitus and hearing loss?

On the other hand, another project is at stake: «I have also rekindled the never-ending passion for the world of comics. I have completed a screenwriting course that could one day bear fruit, if not in a real graphic volume, perhaps in a musical work linked to the planet of the drawn strip ». Tinnitus is a disorder that begins with the perception of a noise, usually a buzzing, whistling, rustling, or hissing sound, perceived in the ears or head in the absence of an external auditory stimulus. The Mario Negri Institute explains that the sound can be weak or strong, continuous or intermittent, and can be heard in one ear (unilateral tinnitus) or in both ears (bilateral tinnitus): “More than a disease, tinnitus is a symptom of Potential inner ear disorders or, more commonly, neurological disorders. A severe form of tinnitus is often accompanied by hearing loss and thus affects the quality of life of those affected ».

Hearing impairment, on the other hand, is a hearing problem that occurs when sounds are not heard well or words are not well understood, and it mainly affects older people. It is based on a physiological aging of the organ of hearing, which causes presbyopia (like presbyopia of the eye).

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